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If you are familiar with internet marketing then you must be aware of how important role subscribers play behind a successful online marketing campaign of a business. The subscribers are your best potential customers as they have already subscribed to you and hence proving the fact that they are interested in your business.

If you are running an Ezine account then I must tell you it can be a real place to add a great value to your business if you offer something valuable to the visitors. You must be surprised that instead of looking for the subscribers list on your website why am I talking about ezine subscribers. Well as you would be aware that ezine is a big and trusted name overall the world, So if you want to cover a big userbase than you must think broad and besides taking care of subscribers on your website you must also pay close attention to your Ezine subscribers.
This article will take you in depth analysis for converting your subscribers in the potential clients. For this you need to look at the answer of following questions:

1. Are you getting the right visitors?

The very basic question that arises is whether you’re targeting right type of customers by your Ezine material. Well for targeting the right type of visitors that actually have interest in your business you must post material or content around the topics that can attract visitors to your business. For example if you are offering a greeting card software then you must write content around all the festivals for card making like “Gifting ideas for Christmas” or “Why a Personalized Valentines greeting card is a best gift for your lover” etc.

2. Is it clear to the visitors what you want them to do?

A general visitor would not be having any idea of what is to do next with the information that you’ve made available to him as sometimes user just gain the complete knowledge and simply close the window. So you need to keep them reminding to subscribe to your Ezine for keep on getting such great information again and again. You can explain them the feature of your newsletter etc.

3. Does your visitor find it easy to take a desired action?

Your first vision will be to get more and more subscribers. For this you should discuss about your subscription link in the very beginning so as user from a fresh mind can give attention to it and hence chances of more subscriptions will be high.
Next while sending the newsletters to your subscribers you must use “Call To Action” mechanism like “Click here to get 50% discount”, “Get a free copy from here” etc.
When your subscriber will be clear with different elements of the newsletter, he will be more likely to follow your instructions.

4.  Are you making your subscriber feel special?


Everyone likes to be treated in special and unique manner than others, then why not your subscribers. You must take care of making your subscribers feel special. You can do so by offering them some kind of gifts, promotional offers, free stuff or some samples etc. Also make an announcement to your subscribers that what they are getting as a subscriber is not available for general visitors.

5. Are Your subscribers feel secure about sharing their details with you?

Due to a lot of spamming and hacking activities the internet users take extra care of where they should share their details and where not. As for subscribing one must have to enter at-least the email address, so make your subscribers feel comfortable and secure to type their email address in subscription box by assuring them the total privacy and security. You can put a note for subscribers about promising them for not to misuse their personal information for any cause.

6. Do your subscribers know what to follow after each step?

Most of the times, Ezine subscription needs the confirmation of email address when someone subscribes. So make proper clarification to the users about what is going to happen next and what must-needed step they have to take after filling subscription details. Also keep on reminding your subscribers time to time if they had not yet confirmed the subscription.

7. Have your Ezine subscribers a member of your website subscription as well?

You should not only be happy in getting more and more subscribers from Ezine but should also try to get them directly to your website’s subscription. You must inform your Ezine subscribers how they can get direct benefits by subscribing to your website’s newsletter.

8. Do your subscribers trust your services?

Getting a subscriber doesn’t guarantee of turning him into a customer but for this you need to make them trust that what you are offering is best and you actually exist. You can do so by sending them some samples of your previous works through your newsletters and announcements of your new projects that you got very recently. This will help them build a trust in you before actually trying for your services.

9. What if your subscribers are feeling irritating with your emails?

You must make your subscriber feel comfortable and take care of his valuable time and space as well. So giving them a complete freedom is always a good option to make them realize that you actually care. So always put a link to let your subscribers unsubscribe from the newsletter.

I have used these tips for my marketing strategy as well and I would like to mention here that turning subscribers into customers was comparatively an easy job than getting a direct client. So try out these tips and feel the difference on your own.

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