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Panda is the scourge of the lazy and the cheaters. Good riddance to them…or at least it would be good riddance if Google’s Panda update actually did its job. It has purged the web of some of the worst offenders, but people are still getting away with some dirty rotten black hat tricks.
People whom (for example) hire the services of “hide my ass”, are able to cover up their tracks so securely that it is taking hackers weeks to find out their real names and addresses (so heaven help the Google bots who are defenceless against covert black hat). To stay on the safe side, you should avoid black hat SEO. Here are a few ways to get links legitimately.

Top 10 Panda Friendly Link Building Tips 

1 – Post comments on forums

This is a very easy thing to do because you can search out the forums that are on the subject that you have some expertise in. You can find forums that are about your website, your business, your hobbies, your profession and your expertise.
If the owner allows people to post links then you should. If you add to the forum then make sure that it is good quality additions, so that the other forum users do not retaliate and damage your websites SEO or online reputation.

2 – Buy a link from a relevant directory

There are quite a few directories out there which offer to link to your site. There are very many niche directories, which will only host companies in your industry. They work on gaining a good search engine result so that their website comes up when someone types in your industry keywords. They are then exposed to your link, which they follow to get to your site.

3 – Link from your social media sites

This is easy because there are loads of social media sites, they all allow you to post to links outside of the site, and they are all free to join. All you need to do is add your link onto the user profile, or onto your posts.

4 – Encourage  to other people…

Encourage  to other people to link to you from their websites and blogs. Ask them nicely, do a favor in return, pay them, whatever it takes. Just encourage them to link to you from their blog or website.

5 – Create link bait articles

These are articles, which are interesting, engaging, useful, newsworthy or unusual enough to have people link to them organically without any prompting. Your goal is to create articles, web pages, posts, etc, which attract people to link to your website.

6 – Post comments and links…

Post comments and links on the bottom of other people’s blogs, websites and articles. People post articles and blogs online and then offer a comment box at the bottom. They often allow people to post links. So long as the links posted are not “no-follow” links then you should make a comment and add a link. Just make sure that adding links is allowed, and make sure to add enough of a comment so that the blog, website or article owner will not become irate.

7 – Ask people if they will swap links with you

Reciprocal link swapping is not against the Panda rules. Ask people if they would like to swap a link with you. Tell them what page you will put their link on, and tell them why linking to you would be a good idea.

8 – Ask your social media friends.

Ask your social media friends to link to you from their profiles and ask them to say good things about you and your company. That’s what friends are for right? The more people see your links, the more chance that they will see your website, and link to you themselves. The word of your friends may be enough to convince some people that your website is worth a look at.

9 – Answer a question on a question-and-answer website

Answer a question on a question-and-answer website and then add a link. “Yahoo answers” is the most popular. People ask the online community questions and people answer. They are often allowed to add a link into the answer. All you need to do is find the questions that you can answer. Once you have done this you will need to add an answer that is relevant. The user will pick yours as the best answer and your link will be highlighted.

10 – Write an article to go onto an article dissemination site.

Write a high quality article, preferably about something to do with your chosen business/industry, and post it onto a reputable article dissemination website. You may add your link into it (in most cases).

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