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The iPhone 5, iOS6 debuted in 2012 amidst a roaring crowd of Apple fans. Now these weren’t just individuals who liked the iPhone but rather these are followers of the brand who half worship whatever device is dished out to them- -and as a compliment to their taste it is quite a dish. But this particular release did not deliver as was expected. Of course there are scores of users who are more than happy with what they got but there is no denying that there has been much negative critical response as well; the set design was the same, the size expansion was really a joke and the phone did not offer anything all that new.

So in 2013 apple has a lot to live up to and really needs to deliver if it wishes to maintain the glory it had in the Steve Jobs era. With competition from Android heating up and other platforms attempting to make breakthroughs (Windows 8 for one), a lot is on the line. What the turnover will be will have to be seen but here are some of the predictions experts have made regarding everyone’s favorite apple.

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Five Predictions for Apple in 2013

1. Apple iTV

This is something that we have been hearing on and off about for about a year already but most tech watchers think that the Apple TV will finally hit the market somewhere in 2013. At the moment there is already an Apple TV set top box but the prediction is that the move will be into a fully fledged television. If this happens than you can definitely expect a set with SIRI, an amazing TV based web browser and an iOS in place for the perfect Apple synced device family. iOS devices could be used as remotes and gaming may not be such a far off thing either.

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2. iPhone 5S

This is a more of a given than a prediction but deserves mention as the flagship Apple device nonetheless. It will probably be called the 5S.  An intelligent guess as to what we could expect from the newer version would be NFC (finally), a better camera and a pumped up storage of 128GB. The Cupertino company might make some efforts to change the design but it seems a little unlikely (despite something users would love).What happens with iOS7 is anyone’s guess.

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3. Surprise Releases

In order to keep the company secrets, true ‘secrets’, chances are that Apple will continue giving us surprise releases. There were too many leaks ad everyone knew what was coming nex- -including their competitors. The fifth generation iPad release was one heck of a surprise and it seems that Apple is changing their game plan, most likely because they too realize they have become too predictable.

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4. iPad and iPad mini updated

This is no surprise either. Hopefully the fifth generation of iPads will have a new design to keep our appetites craving more and some improvements in specs. This would most likely have to entail a better screen, a lighter body. As far as the mini is concerned chances are we will get to see a faster A6X processor, a better RAM and a retina display (there really is no reason why there shouldn’t). Releases are up to the Apple tech gurus.

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5. Security

In terms of iPhone spy apps and cell phone monitoring issues, iOS is the safest platform but security of the sets does remain an issue. Stolen iOS devices are constantly on the rise and there have been various reports of sets being lifted even from within Apple’s own stores. If Apple is to maintain some sort of handle on its property as well as security for running iPhones than there will have to be some severe measures taken in 2013 to put a halt to this.